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War, Peace And The Middle East – Always On

Written By: Ali W. - Jan• 02•16

Arab Christians in Egypt, Syria and the West Bank may eventually become as embattled as Muslims in the Balkans. Because the Arab-Israeli dispute occurred in our lifetime, we tend to believe that we’ve been living through a period of momentous history. But, in fact, there has been comparatively little political change in the Middle East. Consider Egypt. For more than forty years, it has been a socialist kleptocracy ruled by the same class of Nasserist officers: some more repressive than others, some friendly to Israel, some hostile to it, but all basing their rule on emergency military law, a gargantuan and largely useless bureaucracy and parasitic entrepreneurs who produce substandard goods bought by the state and rarely pay the taxes they should.

Like it or not, the Middle East remains a place of anger for everyone.

Like it or not, the Middle East remains a place of anger for everyone.

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US Muslims Demand Real Rights

Written By: Ali W. - Dec• 22•15

There may be four million Muslims in the United States, perhaps five, and they are entitled, not less than Christians and Jews, to participate as citizens and as believers in the institutions of civil society. Every gesture that makes this right real is to be welcomed. Like other communities of worship in this country, however, Muslims are not homogeneous. Like every other religion in America, then, Islam has its hyper-pious and literalists. Some simply tend to their own spiritual life, trusting in the Prophet and his Companions. Others are what Professor John Alden Williams calls revivalists, and still others are what Professor John Esposito terms radical activists. Standing at the end of a spectrum both political and spiritual, such people, in Williams’s words, view “a holy struggle against the enemies of Islam [as] not just a collective obligation … but … Read on...

Honor Killings: Why?

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 28•15

In Jordan, home to the most candid talk about the issue, the Government under King Abdullah has promised to join in the fight, following the example set by the late King Hussein and Queen Noor, who helped to lift a lid on public discussion of the killings.

This insanity persists.

This insanity persists.

At a conference in Jordan in early June, delegates from the region were asked to develop ways to respond ‘sensitively to the situation in countries of concern.’ But those engaged in the battle say it would be hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the opposition they face. Nationalism overlain by Islam remains a powerful political force. Activists trying to call attention to honor killings say they face a similar challenge from those who portray their campaign as an assault on Arab ways.

‘They accuse me of trying to make the

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Limit Your Snoring With Natural Remedies For Snoring

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 25•15

Snoring can be controlled with a few easy remedies and almost anyone can implement these remedies. If you do not snore much and it is still in early stage then you can control snoring by making a timetable for your sleep. Unusual and random sleep times often cause snoring because when you do not sleep at proper time then it causes fatigue and fatigue is snoresimpsona major cause of snoring. You need to sleep in a relaxed and comfortable position and that will also help you beat this problem. Especially if you sleep sideways then you should try and sleep straight as much as possible. If your problems increase and you cannot control it with ordinary remedies then you can turn towards anti-snoring products. There are lots of over the counter anti-snoring products that you can get without a problem. Most of these will contain pills and you can only take these pills temporarily and do not rely on these pills for too long. Just try to improve your breathing because the issue is directly related to breathing and people with good breathing never snore. Keep all of the above things in mind and consider some devices and you will eventually get rid of this awful sleep issue. (more…)

Causes Of HDD Failure

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 19•15

It is important to know the range of reasons why your HDD may fail and force you to look for professional HDD recovery. When the failure happens, you will not be capable of accessing the information you store therein. It is important that you know the reasons which may lead to a loss of your hard drive. First, there are mechanical faults which usually lead to a malfunction of the drive. For example, when the spindle motors stop rotating and power supply is prohibited, the drive may be compromised. The other cause of HDD failure is the build-up of heat. When fans are not working well enough, you will notice some warning sounds from the drive. This may ultimately lead to a crash of this location.

hdd-brokenHDD recovery will be more successful when you understand the cause of the breakdown of the drive. There are drives, which have malfunctioned barely after they were purchased. In these cases, it can be rightfully assumed that (more…)

Calgary Muslims Love Canada

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 12•15

Even at the late era starting inĀ 1972, there were only 1,300 Muslims in Calgary, but Lebanese and Pakistani immigration in the 1970s and 1980s quickly swelled their numbers. The west Calgary mosque (or “masjid”) was opened in 1976 and the East Calgary centre and school in 1992. The 11-member, elected council was formed last year, to oversee the Muslim Association (running the masjid, cemetery and women’s activities), the Muslim Community Foundation (running the east-side centre) and the Islamic School (with over 200 students). In one generation, Calgary’s Muslims have flourished.

The ladies love Canada!

The ladies love Canada!

“In the Canadian business place, people do not talk religion,” says Mr. Awan, who also runs QuranMedia.net “There is respect for human beings, but the culture is not religious.” Yet when the discussion turns to religion, Christians may be surprised. “For Islam, Jews and Christians … Read on...

Kashmir Remains A Brutal War Zone

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 09•15

For 50 years, the litany of murders and atrocities committed on both sides in Kashmir has done little to rouse American interest in what has long been seen as yet another distant war over competing territorial claims. But, of all the world’s little battlefields, Kashmir now holds the heart-stopping distinction of being the only one surrounded by three avowedly nuclear powers.

China and India have a dormant territorial dispute in the north, over which the two countries fought a war in 1962. And India and Pakistan’s ongoing skirmishing along the line of control in the Kashmiri spine makes this ancient mountain kingdom the most likely spot in the world for a political misunderstanding to turn nuclear.

India and Pakistan have already fought three wars in the last 50 years, two of them over Kashmir. In 1990, a crisis between the

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Understanding People Suffering From Panic Disorder

Written By: Ali W. - Nov• 02•15

upsfpdSome people have never learned how to face problems correctly. Maybe they were treated well when they were children and never had the opportunity to see how it looks like to be faced with a problem. Some people were overprotected in their young age and maybe that’s causing them problems in their older age. If a person always relied on a parent and never learned how to deal with problems by themselves, then it can cause frustration or even panic disorders. So how exactly do you control panic attacks?

We live in a world where problems are happening every day and we need to find the best way to face them and solve them. For some people this is worse than we can imagine. What is normal to one person can be a total drama for another. For instance, if … Read on...

Research More When You Consider Cream Brand Choices

Written By: Ali W. - Oct• 28•15

I bumped with my Aunt yesterday while I was looking for the best wrinkle cream at the nearby beauty shop after I saw it online. I was not sure which brand to purchase and running into her was a blessing in disguise. When she learned what I was planning to buy, she told me that I should not be setting foot in any beauty shop unless I was certain of which product to make use of. I think she has a point. The market has a lot in store for sufferers of wrinkles and having to face a number of choices truly leads to confusion. My Aunt happens to be one of the people I admire when it comes to having timeless beauty. She manages to maintain her youthful aura with healthy lifestyle and right choices of products. I want … Read on...